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Already before the covid-pandemic, many manufacturers were on their journey to embed digital technologies and capabilities in their service operations and developing advanced - data-driven - services.

The covid-pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies and remote services of their clients. Not only for their asset management and maintenance, but also for advancing their operations.

Manufacturing companies have a tremendous opportunity:

  • Simplify the maintenance of their products and equipment and reduce the cost.
  • Allow clients to do more maintenance themselves, if they want to.
  • Drive growth through digital services if they escape from business-as-usual and launch other digital services than predictive maintenance or remote services too. 


But here is the problem: Most manufacturers are too slow in developing and growing their digital services and will fall behind competition.

The moreMomentum Services Community has launched a programme to capture, develop and share new best practices for growing your digital services. This includes:

  • Monthly webinars where service leaders share specific best practices and practical tips.
  • In-depth peer-discussions (for members and invited guests only).
  • This web-page that will evolve into a public guide and related articles summarising the best strategies and practices.
  • A library with more detailed descriptions of the best practices and strategies (for members only).  

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Upcoming webinars and discussion sessions


Every month, you can learn from a special guest about (emerging) best practices and strategies for growing your digital services.

  1. The guest will present practices, experiences and thinking around a specific sub-topic. Everyone can join this webinar.
  2. Community-members and invited guests continue after the webinar with break-out discussions with their peers.
  3. After a break, members and invited guests will have a panel discussion with the guest, to further elaborate and deep-dive on his/her presentation and topics which were discussed in the break-out discussions. 


Stay tuned - we will come with new dates and topics shortly.

Managing Complexity-as-a- (Digital) Service

How to help your clients reduce complexity and drive performance through data-driven services.

Yvo Saanen, Commercial Director, TBA (Konecranes)


February 17th, 2021

time-icon-50x50  10:00-10:45 CET Webinar 
10:45-15:00 CET Peer discussion and panel discussion
(See agenda below) 


In today’s complex world, many of your clients struggle to continuously take solid decisions to manage and reduce complexity. They miss the necessary approaches for data-driven decision making. Clients that cannot manage the complexity will fall behind the competition.

You can grow your digital services by leveraging data to reduce complexity for your clients and improve their performance. 

With new data-driven services that your clients do not want to miss, you will become a unique partner for your clients.

This will help you grow your business during today’s disruptive times. And avoid the new - digital-native - entrants stealing away the growth opportunities of today.


  1. What is the value of data-driven decision-making?
  2. What does it take, data-driven decision-making?
  3. What are pitfalls?
  4. What are examples of advanced services through data?


10:00 - Webinar
10:45 - Break-out discussions with 3-6 like-minded peers
12:15 - Lunch break
13:00 - Panel discussion with Yvo
15:00 - Closing

Past webinars and discussion sessions


Holger Pietzsch - VP Marketing Heavy Construction at Hexagon Geosystems

Too often, manufacturers are not clear on what kind of innovations they are pursuing and what the specific challenges will be. Therefore they often choose wrong strategies and roadmaps and therefore fail.
Topics will include:
- When to choose for operational improvement vs new value?
- Can you do both, or not? If so, how?
- What are the essential differences regarding challenges and strategies?

Watch the recording


Holger Pietsch (Hexagon) and Rajat Kakar (IBM)

In November, I had an interesting panel discussion with Holger Pietzsch (Hexagon Geosystems, previously at Caterpillar) and Rajat Kakar (IBM).

We discussed the choice of using digital technologies and capabilities to:
- Improve the existing operating model
- Create new customer value, offering new value propositions

Watch the discussion or read the transcript


Yvo Saanen - Commercial Director at TBA Group

With new data-driven services that your clients do not want to miss, you will become a unique partner for your clients.
- What is the value of data-driven decision-making?
- What does it take, data-driven decision-making
- What are the pitfalls and common mistakes?- What are examples of advanced services through data?

Watch the recording

Why digital services?

Manufacturing companies are looking for ways to grow their business and thrive during today's disruptive trends like:

  • Accelerating adoption of digital and remote technologies by their clients.
  • Changing customer needs.
  • Emerging new business models in their industry.
  • Keeping digital services innovation on their strategic agenda, while the business is under significant pressure caused by Covid-19.

But here is the problem:  They are too slow in developing and growing their digital services (to thrive in disruptive times).

Growing your Services Business is an exciting – but challenging – journey.

It takes a lot to grow digital services:

  • Competences and mindset for the new digital services business.
  • The capabilities to continuously innovate business at a high pace.
  • Keeping digital services innovation on the strategic agenda, regardless of financial pressure.

We believe it is dead-wrong if manufacturers cannot benefit from today's opportunities and thrive!

Every manufacturer is sitting on gold. They are the backbone of our digital service economies and of the solutions for our global challenges, like environment, energy, healthcare, nutrition, poverty.

You are not alone.

Accelerating growth of digital services and building the necessary innovation capabilities is one of the most important challenges most leaders and innovators in manufacturing industries are working on.

In the moreMomentum Services Community we are conducting a Best Practices Project to capture, develop and share the best practices of digital services and radical business innovation, also during a crisis like we have today.

Manufacturers that do not build repeatable innovation capabilities to rapidly develop their digital services, will stagnate and fall behind competition.

They will be frustrated by:

  • Too slow growth of new (data driven) services.
  • New data native entrants stealing all the benefits of today's opportunities.
  • Being stuck in business-as-usual.

Manufacturers with strong and repeatable service innovation capabilities will accelerate the growth of their digital services and thrive. 


  • Have the competences and mindsets for service thinking.
  • Boost growth with new digital services.
  • Thrive during the crisis
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Win from new (digital native) entrants into their industry

What are digital services manufacturers can offer?

Digital services in manufacturing are solutions to your clients’ problems which involve one or more of the following elements:

  • Digital technologies and capabilities to deliver the service, like automation, data and algorithms.
  • Digital channels to deliver the service, like software (on-premise or hosted in the cloud), through connected devices or online interaction with users.
  • Digital offerings, where the solution itself is digital or related to digital challenges of clients.

What are digital services?

8 Types of Digital Services from Manufacturers


The strategic value of digital services


Organisation and capabilities for digital services

Innovation strategies for digital services