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Emerging Service Models for a Circular Economy

What service models will accelerate the emergence of a circular economy?


With Jan van Veen,
Founder & Managing Director of moreMomentum

date-icon-50x50  June 15, 2022
date-icon-50x50  June 21, 2022


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Emerging Service Models Circular Economy


Most industries are seeing an increasing drive towards sustainability and circular economies.


How will this affect your business? And your service business?


Shifting to a circular economy is a major challenge for manufacturers and industrial/technical service providers. New approaches are required for:
  • Product design and engineering.
  • Overall business models which may need to become more service oriented.
  • Asset or product life cycle management services, including maintenance and repair.


We  will discuss key challenges to drive adapt to an emerging circular economy:

What are the viable service models?

How to:

  • Increase utilisation rate of the products and assets?
  • Increase the economic lifetime?
  • How to improve the recycling of products, components, and materials?
  • How to re-use other materials (packaging etc).
This will be different for different industries

Is the circular economy a threat or opportunity?

A circular economy, industry, and business may involve a lot of reduction, decline, or consolidation.

For example, reduction of manufacturing volume.

  • How viable is this for a business?
  • How to handle potential cannibalism?
  • How to turn threats into opportunities?

How to develop the new service models?

Bottom line is that the required innovations may require radical innovations of business models, in emerging industries and markets.

A lot of uncertainty is involved.

What are the best strategies to succeed with such innovations?

Sharing relevant insights from the Service Transformation Benchmark

In our introductory presentation, we will also share relevant insights coming from the Service Transformation Benchmark. 

Benchmark Report Mockup 300x700

Who is joining the Executive Service Roundtables, and why?

The monthly Executive Service Roundtable sessions are ideal for:

  • Global service leaders
  • Regional service leaders
  • Service development leaders
  • Service marketing and sales leaders

who want to

Leverage collective knowledge and experience 


Exchange experience and knowledge with your peers acrosss industries.

moreMomentum experts will share their knowledge from research and their large network in service industries.

Learn from the Service Transformation Benchmark


We will share relevant insights from the ongoing Service Transformation Benchmark to provide data and evidence to back up the experiences that are being shared.

Expand their network of like-minded peers


During these monthly Executive Service Roundtable sessions, you will meet many like-minded service executives for further 1-1 exchange.

Being well connected is critical for successful service leaders in a volatile environment like services.

Watch Recording & Slides


You are in good company with service leaders from companies like


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Agenda of Each Roundtable

10:00 / 16:00
by Jan van Veen
Presentation of challenges and strategies revealed by the moreMomentum Service Community and the Service Transformation Benchmark to kick of the discussion.
10:20 / 16:20
all participants
Discuss any questions you have based on the presentation.
10:40 / 16:40
Peer discussions
smaller groups
In smaller groups, we will have a lively discussion on key challenges as well as strategies and best practices (that work and do not work considering different market dynamics).
11:20 / 17:20
Wrap up
by Jan van Veen
We will wrap up the meeting with some key take-aways and questions to further elaborate on during next Executive Service Roundtable sessions.
11:30 / 17:30