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Increase success rate and lower the risks by diversifying your innovation with the 21 Innovation tracks

Improve your innovation capabilities and thrive in disruptive times

21 innovation tracks for sustainable growth
The Worksheet contains;
  • A slide-deck to incorporate in your presentation
  • A description of each innovation track with an example
  • And excel sheet to assess your innovation initiatives

Why diversify your innovation?


Complete solution with higher value 

Ensure your new solutions and services are a complete and remarkable solution to a critical and important problem of your client.

A half solution doesn't solve their problem!


Clients love to pay for your new solutions

Avoid delivering a lot of value to your clients, without increasing your revenue and margins from it.

Value for Money &
Money for Value

Too often, new value is delivered to clients by not captured by the provider.


Increase value for your business model

Value innovation is more than a new product, a new service or a more efficient process.

Discover and address all opportunities to increase sustainable value for your business


Harder to copy by your competitors

More rich and complex innovations are much harder for competitors to copy. 

Probably they will only notice the features. And by copying these features they will fail.

Manufacturers with a narrow innovation focus miss many opportunities, see more innovations fail, often see that competitors do exactly the same thing and struggle to turn their innovations into growing revenues and margins.

Leading and successful manufacturers cover a much wider scope of innovations than those that stagnate and fall behind competition. They actively search for opportunities to improve the value they promise their clients, how they deliver the value and how they capture part of the value.

They find and launch more innovations for growth.

Sounds like a good recipe, doesn’t it?