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Build a Strong Customer Story in 7 Steps

And develop irrisistable new advanced services

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The benefits of using this framework


Leverage existing knowledge

You and your team members have a huge amount of knowledge and insights in various needs and expectations of your clients.  

You need a framework to capture and structure this.


Develop compelling story

To get to a deep insights on the aspirations, obstacles and pain points, you need a framework and process to get to the point.

You need a story, not just facts.


Boost ideation for high value services

The deep customer insights formulated in a compelling story will trigger new and great ideas to solve your clients' big and critical problems.

This is critical to develop irritable services and solutions.


Enhance commercial messages

Messages based on the customer story around your clients' aspirations, obstacles and pain points will hit their nerves.

This will help you clients see the irresistible value of your services and solutions.

One of the major challenges for manufacturing companies (and many others as well) is a limited insight into customers’ challenges and (unmet) needs.

This often is an obstacle to open business innovation and improvements

    • Developing new services and solutions

    • Becoming more effective in selling and promoting your business, products and services

    • Building momentum on all levels and with all teams in your organisation to innovate and change

    • Engage your colleague

Expanding scope 1080x608

You and your colleagues together have a whealth of knowledge and information, which can become much more powerful when brought together and structured in a effective and compelling way.

You will get much better insights and feedback from (potential) clients with such a (draft) story.