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Leverage best-practices of your like-minded peers


Grow your digital services without re-inventing the wheel



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Growing digital services

Repeatable innovation capabilities

Service & Innovation mindset

Confident and eager teams

Do not re-invent the wheel


And fall behind the competition



  • Decline and commoditisation of your maintenance services business.
  • Data-driven services providers taking all the benefits of today’s opportunities, only leaving some breadcrumbs for your company.
  • Jeopardising your business with high risk and failing service innovation.


And it should not be like this 

We believe it is dead-wrong if manufacturers cannot benefit from today’s opportunities and thrive!

Every manufacturer is sitting on gold.

They are the backbone of our digital service economies and of the solutions for our global challenges, like environment, energy, healthcare, nutrition, poverty.

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Benefit from experience and insights of your like-minded peers and experts 



  • Growing digital services business.
  • Repeatable services innovation capabilities.
  • Strong mindset for service business and radical business innovation.
  • Confident teams for high pace business innovation.


Leaving others wondering how you did that!


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You are not alone!


Accelerating growth of digital services and building the necessary innovation capabilities is one of the most important challenges for most service leaders and innovators.


In the moreMomentum Services Community, we continuously develop, share and apply new best practices for digital services and radical business innovation.


Members - and growing


Manufacturers involved in our research

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You will be in good company


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How our Services Community can help you thrive

Community Meetings


  • Regular peer group meetings
  • Best practices discussions
  • Participation in research surveys.

Premium Content


  • Library of Best Practices
  • Library of research reports
  • Monthly webinars.


Team Membership


  • Bespoke subscription for you and your teams

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What makes the moreMomentum Services Community different?


The moreMomentum Services Community is so much more than just a networking community which exchanges experiences and insights. “You will always learn something useful” is not good enough for us.

  • Cross function
  • In-depth live discussions with 8-10 peers
  • No high-level presentations
  • Actionable insights
  • Focus on real challenges which matter now 
  • Input from experts and research across industries
  • Advice and inspiration from peers and experts
  • Peer group accountability

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3 Steps to leverage the experience and practices of your peer

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Gain clarity on your challenges, best approach and whether there is a fit or not

2. Choose your preferred services

Community meetings | Premium Content | Team Membership

3. Sign up to get started

And boost growth of your digital services

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Expand your network with like-minded peers from various industries




How our community develops and shares best practices?


Accelerating the growth of digital services and building the necessary innovation capabilities is one of the most important challenges most service leaders and innovators in manufacturing industries are working on.

Many of them join forces as a member of the moreMomentum Services Community.

The moreMomentum Services Community is so much more than just a networking community which exchanges experiences and insights. “You will always learn something useful” is not good enough for us.

  1. Access new best practices
    1. Learn the “know-what” best practices
    2. Apply the “know-how” best practices
  2. Join focussed community meetings
    1. Peer group meeting
    2. Best Practice Discussions
  3. Who joins the moreMomentum Services Community?

Access new best practices

In this community, we continuously develop, share and apply new best practices for digital services and radical business innovation which are critical to grow and to thrive in today’s disruption. These best practices cover the “what” and the “how”.

We have developed the Services Innovation Flywheel, which is a framework of these best practices.



Learn the “know-what” best practices

Developing and growing your services business and shifting to a customer-centric and services-oriented business model is not an easy journey. After all, it is about shifting views about:

  • Core value to your clients.
  • Value proposition and business model.
  • Clients’ business challenges needs.
  • Competitive landscape.
  • How to compete for success on short term and longer-term.

This requires a deep understanding amongst your teams and your stakeholders about:

  • Service Business Models.
  • Data-Driven Business Models.
  • Customer Insights Engines.
  • Navigating Market Disruption.


Apply the “know-how” best practices

Knowing the “what” will only bring success once the right stakeholders are on the same page, your teams are on the same page and you have built the repeatable innovation capability to continuously drive radical innovations at a high pace, without fatiguing your people and jeopardising your business.

Otherwise, your teams and stakeholders will:

  • Struggle to translate general frameworks into a practical, tangible and relevant vision for your business.
  • Not appreciate ongoing trends and the impact of these on your clients and business.
  • Not recognise the importance of services business for your business.
  • Remain stuck in old business-logic and patterns and hence block radical innovations.

The required best practices for repeatable service innovation are embedded in the Services Innovation Flywheel:

  • 4 Momentum Habits.
  • 9 Step innovation process.


Join focussed community meetings

Members regularly meet (live and online) like-minded peers to discuss each other’s practices, the best practices and how to successfully implement them.

Just imagine if your team members and critical stakeholders:

  • Get their insights into best practices from like-minded peers who are going or have been going through the same journey.
  • Recognise typical obstacles and know how their peer overcome these.
  • Regularly emerge themselves in groups, where more radical services innovation is considered “normal” and “what we do here” instead of something “interesting – maybe for later”.
  • Regularly meet like-minded peers to update each other on progress, (intermediate) results and learnings.

This is often the key-differentiator for groups of companies to out-perform others on innovation and disruption. Therefore, frequent community meetings are the core of the moreMomentum Services Community.


You will join 2 types of community meetings:

Peer group meetings

  • Receive and offer peer-consulting and peer-coaching.
  • Talk about challenges, uncertainties and failures as well.
  • Challenge each other and stress-test each other’s ideas and plans.
  • Keep each other accountable.
  • Access and share information from the peer groups via the online Community Platform.
  • Peer groups consist of 8-12 like-minded peers with similar challenges.
  • Peer groups have their own mix* of quarters with 1 full-day live meeting or 3 1,5-hour online meetings.

Best Practice Discussions

  • Discuss specific topics to capture and define the (new) best practices.
  • Provide input – together with other discussions and surveys – for a new best practices document.
  • Participate in supporting surveys to collect statistical information.
  • Each discussion is held with 3-5 like-minded peers from different peer groups and from outside the community.
  • Members join approximately 3 discussions per year.

*) Due to Covid-19, we will resume live peer group meetings only when travel restrictions have been released.


Who joins the moreMomentum Services Community?

  • Global Services Business Leaders
  • Global Services Innovation Leaders
  • Global Data Innovation Leaders
  • Regional Services Leaders
  • Innovation Teams

of manufacturers who:

  • are dedicated to grow their (digital) services and to thrive in today’s rapidly transforming industries.
  • are willing to share experiences, challenges and practices.
  • see value from a group of like-minded peers and experts with similar objectives and aspirations.

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