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Do's and Don'ts in Service Benchmarking


Get the most out of your benchmark as a strategic tool

Benchmarking should be a strategic tool,
not a report in a junk drawer

Service businesses are increasingly data-driven businesses, also in their own decision-making.

This also involves capturing and analysing external data from the industry, not only from clients.

In this pdf-file you will learn 10 dos' and don'ts that can help you and your teams to:

  • Leverage benchmarking to a strategic tool that is fully embraced.
  • Avoid resistance and mistrust of the benchmark.

Where benchmarking comes in:

  • Strategic management process.
    Enrich your external assessment with unbiased and evidence-based insights about the services sector and how you compare with your:
    • Performance levels.
    • Maturity levels of services and capabilities.
    • Strategic priorities.
    • Investment levels.
    • Cost-structure for new capabilities.
  • Developing new services and solutions:
    • Insights in successful service models in different types of industries.
    • Best practices for successful service offerings.
  • Continuous improvement programmes:
    • Outside-in perspectives to identify potential opportunities for improvement.
    • Cross-industry inspiration for new types of solutions.

Get the most out of your benchmarking