Research Report - July 2020

Innovate Your Way Out of the Covid-Crisis


How to overcome the longer duration of the crisis and to thrive post-crisis.

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From our ongoing global research in the services industry

Global Research

In May, June and July we conducted the research “Innovate your way out of the Covid-Crisis” to capture best practices and strategies for “Phase 2- Review & Rethink”, about how to overcome the longer duration of the crisis and preparing to thrive post-crisis.

This research consists of:

  • A web-based survey.

  • One-2-one interviews with service leaders.

  • Interactive peer-discussion with 2-3 service leaders.

    In total 94 service leaders have participated in the research, with an even spread over the global regions.


Typical challenges in Phase 2:

  • Staying in survival or fire-fighting mode too long, causing you to miss the next threats and opportunities, which could harm the continuity of the business.
  • Jumping to the wrong -big- conclusions, causing you to focus on and invest in the wrong changes for the medium and longer term.
  • Blaming people for wrong actions taken in the Rapid Response phase, instead of learning.
  • Maintaining resilience of people to persist in the required interventions.