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Community Meetings

Learn from the best experts out there – your like-minded peers


Stay current on trends, emerging service models and winning strategies.




Stay current on emerging practices, strategies & tactics

Expand invaluable network of like-minded peers

Build critical mass in your teams

Test your strategies and plans 

Peer Group Meetings

  • Long-lasting relations with peers you trust
  • In-depth and confidential exchange
  • Peer-consulting for impact
  • Continuous thread in the agenda

  • 2 full-day live (hybrid) meetings per year
  • 3 half-day online meetings per year
  • Long-lasting relationships
  • Each colleague joins a different peer group
  • Online community platform

More about the Peer Groups

Executive Service Roundtables

  • Regular and short meetings
  • Decide which colleagues join each meeting
  • New insights and inspiration
  • Meeting new peers every time

  • 1,5-hour online meetings
  • Each month another topic
  • 2 meetings per month, serving different time zones
  • For each meeting, choose who joins
  • Online community platform

More about the Roundtables

Service Transformation Summits

  • In-depth exchange of knowledge and experience
  • Quality keynotes from practitioners
  • Intensive discussion-sessions
  • Expand your network

  • 4 full-day summits
  • Hybrid or online (TBC)
  • Focussed theme per summit
  • For each summit, choose who participates

More about the Summits

What makes the community meetings and events special?

  • Focussed topics on key challenges.
  • Action-oriented.
  • Independent and unbiased presentations and discussions.
  • Practitioners only (no solution vendors, consultants or academics).
  • Members and participants determine the agenda.
  • Learn from like-minded peers.
  • Continuity with successive meetings & events for you and your teams.

Your plan to empower your leadership and innovation teams

  1. Start with a few colleagues in the Service Community
    Don’t boil the ocean – start with the Starters Bundle

  2. Get the first results from the first new insights
    Share the results with your colleagues

  3. Gradually build momentum and inspire more colleagues to join
    Move on to the Growth Bundle or Enterprise Bundle

  4. Stay ahead of the service transformation in your industry


Join our next Executive Service Roundtable on "Building Trusted Partnerships  in the Digital and Remote Service Era"