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Global Service Transformation Monitor:

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Harness the power of reliable, comprehensive, and global service industry insights with the Global Service Transformation Monitor.



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The Challenge of Navigating the Service Transformation

Service leadership and innovation teams need clear, trustworthy information about current industry trends. Without it, staying ahead in their service transformation becomes a tough task.

In the fast-moving world of today's global service industry, these teams are expected to make important changes, introduce new, creative value ideas, and form fresh business models. All these need to be done while dealing with the complex ins and outs of their own industries. This expectation creates a special problem: how to make successful service transformation plans without a deep understanding of the industry's direction. Not having information on trends doesn't just make decision-making difficult, it also creates a growing gap between their plans and what the market needs.

This problem makes its way to the top-level meetings, where service leaders often find it hard to get senior stakeholders on board and bring teams together behind a clear goal. This is even more difficult without solid data to back up their strategies.

Service leadership and innovation teams should not be left guessing in this dynamic industry!

foggy road

Avoid the Pitfalls, Embrace Success

With the Global Service Transformation Monitor, not only will you avoid the risk of falling behind, but you'll also empower your business to embrace success in an ever-changing industry landscape


By harnessing the power of the Monitor, service leaders can mitigate the potential pitfalls that arise from a lack of actionable insights. Without these insights, leaders may struggle to inspire their teams, set winning strategies, and secure the necessary funding for transformation initiatives. The consequences can be severe - a dip in momentum, a loss of confidence from stakeholders, and potentially insufficient resources for transformative projects. With the Monitor, these pitfalls become avoidable roadblocks instead of insurmountable hurdles.

Embracing success goes beyond merely avoiding failure; it means thriving amidst disruptions and changes. With the Monitor's deep, evidence-based insights, businesses are empowered to guide their transformation initiatives confidently. Leaders can inspire their teams, set strategic priorities based on real-world data, and position themselves as industry leaders. They're no longer surviving the tide of change; they're riding it, leading the pack, and thriving in the face of disruptions.


Download "Do's and Don'ts in Service Benchmarking" (pdf)

The Global Service Transformation Monitor Brings the Outside In


The Global Service Transformation Monitor is your guide through the fog, equipping your teams with the vital, actionable insights needed to lead the service transformation confidently and successfully.

In an era where staying ahead is more than just a competitive advantage, it's about survival, the Global Service Transformation Monitor provides you with an in-depth dive into current service transformation trends. By analyzing key metrics like service capabilities, performance, and financials, the Monitor allows your team to grasp the industry's pulse and strategically align with its trajectory.

The Monitor's annual data refresh ensures your teams stay informed of the latest developments in real-time, fostering your ability to adapt and react swiftly to changes in the landscape. Coupled with a global perspective, your team will not only navigate the local waters confidently but also understand the global currents that may influence your industry.

Monitoring trends and progress of: 

  • Maturity levels of service capabilities.
  • Financials (revenue & cost).
  • Performance levels.
  • Cost structure.
  • Investment levels.
  • Priorities
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The Service Transformation Monitor covers all crucial capabilities for advanced services of today and tomorrow


service transformation framework


Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Deep dive into service transformation trends
Empowers your team to create winning strategies that align with the industry's trajectory
Analysis of maturity levels of service capabilities, performance metrics, financial metrics (revenue, cost), cost structures, investment levels.
Facilitates informed decision-making and priority-setting.
Annual data refreshes.
Keeps your teams abreast with the latest developments, allowing swift adaptation to changes.
Global perspective.
Provides a comprehensive view of service transformation trends worldwide.
Access to a community of industry leaders.
Offers opportunities for guidance and collaborative problem-solving in complex service transformation matters.


Download "Do's and Don'ts in Service Benchmarking" (pdf)

Elements of the Global Service Transformation Monitor-report

Compare against reference-groups


Quantitative performance metrics, like:

  • Financial measures
  • Process KPI’s
  • Customer KPI’s

Qualitative measures, like:

  • Maturity levels of main capabilities
  • Maturity levels of sub-capabilities

Prioritize your projects for your service strategy with evidence


The priority matrix is based on:

  • Gaps between your performance and maturity levels and that of your reference group.
  • Importance of sub-capabilities and performance indicators for the success of your business.

Define your road to success


Choose the right development initiatives at the right time to step-by-step improve the maturity of your service business capabilities.

The report indicates which practices should be further developed to get the basics right to reach the next level of maturity.


Internal comparison

In case you have chosen for multiple reports for different entities (for example business lines or countries), you will get:

  • A full report report per entity.
  • An internal comparison report report comparing the entities with each other.

This will provide each service team with the necessary information and insights to drive their part of the service transformation and growth.

Internal Service Benchmarking

Learn from service businesses across industries


The best insights across B2B industries





Download "Do's and Don'ts in Service Benchmarking" (pdf)

Designed by service executives for service executives


Just like you, our community members were anxious to find up-to-date and evidence-based insights. 


Together with 9 executive service leaders, we designed the Global Service Transformation Monitor as a strategic tool for service leadership and innovation teams.

It was a pleasure to be in the team of service executives that helped to shape the Global Service Transformation Monitor. This is a strategic tool to monitor trends, identify opportunities to develop and improve our services and learn new best practices efficiently. In my view, it is vital to measure performance levels and maturity levels against different industries.
Jörg Brandstädter
Vice President, Head of Global Service Excellence - Qiagen
Paolo Dazi - Konecranes
We looked for detailed, in-depth, and professional data for our service transformation strategy, which was hard to find. For big and new trends like service transformation, you need evidence-based information about where you are, what your weaknesses are, and what others are doing and have done. To avoid mistakes that others already made and help generating consensus around the vision. I have been part of the co-design team from the very beginning, and I am confident that I will get the level of details and accuracy that I need, those that you should expect from a meaningful and qualified service transformation monitoring.
Paolo Dazi
Senior Vice President, BU Port Services - Konecranes

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Download "Do's and Don'ts in Service Benchmarking" (pdf)