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Exchange practices, insights, and experiences with like-minded peers in monthly online sessions of 1,5 hours

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How to Monetise Advanced Services

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Every month, the moreMomentum Service Community runs an Executive Service Roundtable to discuss a hot topic for service leaders and innovators.

How does it work?

  • Participants of the Roundtable decide on the topics for next sessions.
  • moreMomentum introduces the topic with a 20-30 minute presentation and shares relevant insights from the Service Transformation Benchmark.
  • Participants exchange insights and experiences in an open and moderated discussion.
  • Only practitioners participate in the Roundtable.
  • Participation is free of charge.

Managing Complexity-as-a- (Digital) Service

How to help your clients reduce complexity and drive performance through data-driven services.

Yvo Saanen, Commercial Director, TBA (Konecranes)


February 17th, 2021

time-icon-50x50  10:00-10:45 CET Webinar 
10:45-15:00 CET Peer discussion and panel discussion
(See agenda below) 


In today’s complex world, many of your clients struggle to continuously take solid decisions to manage and reduce complexity. They miss the necessary approaches for data-driven decision making. Clients that cannot manage the complexity will fall behind the competition.

You can grow your digital services by leveraging data to reduce complexity for your clients and improve their performance. 

With new data-driven services that your clients do not want to miss, you will become a unique partner for your clients.

This will help you grow your business during today’s disruptive times. And avoid the new - digital-native - entrants stealing away the growth opportunities of today.


  1. What is the value of data-driven decision-making?
  2. What does it take, data-driven decision-making?
  3. What are pitfalls?
  4. What are examples of advanced services through data?


10:00 - Webinar
10:45 - Break-out discussions with 3-6 like-minded peers
12:15 - Lunch break
13:00 - Panel discussion with Yvo
15:00 - Closing

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Winning strategies for service transformation and growth

What do Winning Strategies look like, and do they build support and engagement?


  • What exactly is a (winning) strategy?
  • How to engage stakeholders?
  • How to execute a strategy?

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Winning Service Strategies

New Value Propositions with Data

How to succeed with new data-driven value propositions?


  • Good examples of data-driven value propositions?
  • What customers’ problems do these solve?
  • What are the critical success factors?

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New value propositions with data

Shifting to a Product-as-a-Service business

Pro’s and con’s of Product-as-a-Service business models?


  • What is a Product-as-a-Service business model?
  • What are the driving forces?
  • What are the benefits and risks?

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Shifting to a Product-as-a-Service business

Emerging Service Models in a Circular Economy

What service models will accelerate the emergence of a circular economy?


  • What are the viable service models?
  • Is the circular economy a threat or opportunity?
  • How to develop the new service models?

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Emerging Service Models Circular Economy

Navigate Digital Market Disruption in Service

The accelerating adoption of advanced digital and data technologies can enable a digital market disruption of (field)service too.


  • 6 digital disruption mechanisms
  • 3 disruption patterns
  • Scenarios for (field)service

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Roundtable Digital Market Disruption Services Slidedeck

How to Monetise Advanced Services

Monetising advanced services is easier said than done. 

What are critical strategies and success factors to monetise advanced services?


  • Solve bigger customer problems
  • Articulate the customer value
  • Solution Selling

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Roundtable Monetise Advanced Services thumbnail slide deck

Growth Drivers for Service

Driving growth is hard work!
Services are increasingly becoming a strategic pillar of manufacturing companies to drive revenue growth and customer loyalty.

However, growth does not come by itself.


  • Service Coverage
  • Advanced Services
  • Commercial Excellence

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202203 rt growth drivers presentation

Managing Complexity-as-a-Service with Data Modelling?

With new data-driven services that your clients do not want to miss, you will become a unique partner for your clients.
- What is the value of data-driven decision-making?
- What does it take, data-driven decision-making
- What are the pitfalls and common mistakes?- What are examples of advanced services through data?

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Digital Capabilities: Improvingng your operating model or creating new value propositions?

Too often, manufacturers are not clear on what kind of innovations they are pursuing and what the specific challenges will be. Therefore they often choose wrong strategies and roadmaps and therefore fail.
Topics will include:
- When to choose for operational improvement vs new value?
- Can you do both, or not? If so, how?
- What are the essential differences regarding challenges and strategies?

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