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Workshops & Seminars:

Turn knowledge, insights and information into actionable strategies and successful initiatives 


Get ahead of the service transformation curve with strong service leadership and innovation teams.



Focussed topics on key challenges

Learn (new) models, strategies and tactics

Pragmatic approach for impact

Join with teams for critical mass

A growing portfolio of in-company workshops and seminars

Service Models

  • Demystify service models (outcome based, product as a service)
  • Data driven services beyond predictive maintenance
  • Revenue models

Service Strategy

  • Define your winning service strategy
  • Execute winning service strategies to succeed
  • Identify growth drivers for your service

Service Capabilities

  • Monetise remote services
  • Monetise data-driven services
  • Agile service management
  • Financial management of a service business
  • Advanced service sales models
  • Build your service marketing capability
  • Enhance data-capabilities and literacy

Service Innovation

  • Create deep customer insights
  • Enhance managerial mindset for service transformation
  • Define your service innovation strategies
  • Lean start-up for developing viable service offerings

Seminar or workshop - what's in the name?

Tailored to your specific objectives and the intended role of our expert team at moreMomentum, we offer customizable sessions in both seminar and workshop formats.

The table below breaks down the differences between the two.


  Workshop Seminar
Format Interactive doing and learning Interactive learning
Focus Doing" or practising skills, often with a tangible outcome or deliverable Transmission of information
Interactivity  High: participants actively engage in activities and exercises Lower: the main format is expert speaking and discussions 
Facilitator's role Guide participants through activities, exercises, or problem-solving tasks Share knowledge about a specific topic