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With the Service Transformation Benchmark, you will stop juggling and guessing about:

& Maturity

Trends & 



The Services Industry still lacks important data and insights that you need to:


  • Define priorities for your service transformation strategy.

  • Monitor progress of your service development.

  • Engage your stakeholders and teams.

  • Secure the funding and resources for your strategy.


We must close this gap!


"Download "Do's and Don'ts in Service Benchmarking" (pdf)


3 Steps to boost your service strategy and development

1. Sign up for the benchmark

2. Conduct the surveys

3. Leverage the new insights

Designed by service executives
for service executives

The Service Transformation Benchmark has been designed together with 7 service executives who were looking for unbiased, evidence-based and actionable data and insights for advanced services.

It was a pleasure to be in the team of service executives that helped to shape the Service Transformation Benchmark. This benchmark is a strategic tool to monitor trends, identify opportunities to develop and improve our services and learn new best practices efficiently. In my view, it is vital to measure performance levels and maturity levels against different industries.
Jörg Brandstädter
Vice President, Head of Global Service Excellence - Qiagen
We looked for detailed, in-depth, and professional benchmark data for our service transformation strategy, which was hard to find.For big and new trends like service transformation, you need evidence-based information about where you are, what your weaknesses are, and what others are doing and have done. To avoid mistakes that others already made and help generating consensus around the vision.I have been part of the co-design team from the very beginning, and I am confident that I will get the level of details and accuracy that I need, those that you should expect from a meaningful and qualified benchmarking.
Paolo Dazi
Senior Vice President, BU Port Services - Konecranes

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Download "Do's and Don'ts in Service Benchmarking" (pdf)

The Service Transformation Benchmark covers all crucial capabilities for advanced services of today and tomorrow




It enables you to compare your service business against others on:


Performance levels of customer, financial, process, and organisational metrics

Maturity Level

Strengths of key business capabilities for advanced services


Goals for performance levels and maturity levels

Cost Structures

Operating expenses for advanced capabilities and technologies


Resources for growth, development and innovation


Strategic challenges and priorities for the short-term and longer-term.

Compare against reference-groups

Quantitative performance metrics, like:

  • Financial measures
  • Process KPI’s
  • Customer KPI’s

Qualitative measures, like:

  • Maturity levels of main capabilities
  • Maturity levels of sub-capabilities

Prioritise with evidence

Base your priorities on:

  • Gaps between your performance and maturity levels and that of your reference group.
  • Importance of sub-capabilities and performance indicators for the success of your business.

Identify concrete initiatives

For each priority, define your initiatives to raise the maturity of your service business to the next level.


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Learn from other industries


The best insights come from cross-industry benchmarking




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Download "Do's and Don'ts in Service Benchmarking" (pdf)