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Executive Service Roundtable 

How to formulate a winning service strategy

7 steps to develop a sound service strategy that gets buy-in

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A few notes from the discussion sessions

Below are some topics and takeaways from our discussion. 
These notes are not a detailed transcription or summary, nor does it repeat topics already presented at the beginning of the Roundtable meeting.

  • Typical challenges service leaders face when it comes to service strategy
    • How to align the service strategy with the overall company strategy
    • How to raise the profile of service in the overall company strategy and get buy-in for service strategy
    • How to manage a high number of stakeholders when developing a service strategy
    • How to translate a high-level vision and mission of the company to practical impact in the field and raise awareness in the field of how they matter.
  • Articulating a compelling and concrete winning aspiration is an essential starting point for a winning service strategy and gaining buy-in from senior stakeholders and service teams. These together form a compelling reason to act, change, innovate, and take ownership.
  • Strategy development is an ongoing process, not a project once a year.
    • We should review once a quarter and revise if needed.
    • Having strategic conversations with internal and external stakeholders is vital to develop new strategic insights, align views and challenges, educate each other, and pave the path for your next service strategy.
  • Advancing your service strategy is a journey of years. It would be good to have a road map for this too. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  • Many businesses are too much internally focused.
    • A winning strategy is about creating more value and a competitive way. This requires new strategic insights about the market, industry, service trends, competition, etcetera.
    • Bringing the outside in is also very powerful in generating awareness and buy-in. External insights, including the voice of the customer, can be compelling arguments to raise the sense of urgency and to articulate a compelling reason to act.

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