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Research Internship (paid)

Join the research team of (upcoming) research projects



Embark on a journey of discovery and innovation with moreMomentum's research projects.

Our research projects are at the forefront of shaping the future of service transformation. You'll have the opportunity to contribute to practical studies such as:

Come and be a part of our exciting journey as we delve into these dynamic areas and make valuable contributions to the advancement of service innovation and transformation.

Job Description

Join our team for an enriching 2-3 month internship, where you'll be dedicating approximately one day per week to advance our research projects in service innovation. 

Your role will involve:

  • Desk Research: Engaging in thorough and insightful desk research to gather relevant data and information.
  • Survey Management: Preparing, conducting, and analyzing surveys to gain valuable insights from targeted respondents.
  • Expert Interviews: Participating in several interviews with industry experts, gaining exposure to professional perspectives and real-world challenges in service innovation.
  • Report Contribution: Actively contributing to the creation of reports and deliverables, synthesizing research findings into coherent and impactful documents.

This role is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to delve deep into the world of service transformation and gain hands-on experience in research and analysis.

Ideal Candidate Profile

  • Education: Currently pursuing a (master's) degree in Business Administration, Innovation Management, Service Management, or related fields.
  • Interests: Keen interest in service transformation within product industries.
  • Skills:
    • Curious, eager to learn.
    • Proficient in distilling the essence of conversations.
    • Professional working proficiency in English.

About moreMomentum

moreMomentum is an international community that champions service leadership and innovation teams, guiding them through the complexities of service transformation. We offer insights into the latest service trends and strategies through our community meetings, the Global Service Transformation Monitor, and the Service Transformation Academy.

Learn more about moreMomentum and our online resources

About the Research projects

At moreMomentum, our research projects are integral to the Service Transformation Monitor, a continuous endeavour dedicated to tracking and analysing trends, emerging strategies, tactics, and best practices in service. 

These efforts are specifically tailored to drive a high pace in service transformation within B2B manufacturing industries and companies:

  • Continuous Monitoring: Through the Service Transformation Monitor, we stay at the forefront of industry developments, ensuring our research is timely, relevant, and impactful.
  • Diverse Research Initiatives: Annually, we undertake approximately six research projects. Each project spans about 2-3 months, allowing for in-depth exploration and analysis of specific topics within service transformation.
  • Practical Outputs: The end goal of each project is not just to gather information, but to construct practical guides and frameworks. These resources serve as valuable tools for industry professionals, aiding them in implementing effective service transformation strategies in their organizations.

These research projects form the backbone of our commitment to advancing service innovation in the B2B manufacturing sector, providing fresh insights and actionable recommendations for our community and the industry at large.

Our Offer

  • Experience: Gain valuable insights and knowledge in service business and innovation.
  • Visibility and Recognition: Gain exposure have your contributions acknowledged in the final research deliverables, enhancing your professional profile.
  • Compensation: 4 days of paid engagement, including travel cost reimbursement.
  • Hybrid Work Environment: Experience the best of both worlds with a combination of remote working and occasional in-person meetings and work sessions.
  • Opportunities for Further Engagement: Potential involvement in post-summit reporting, future summits, and research projects.

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