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Scorecard -Monetise Services and Data

Assess how effectively your business monetises services and data.

The scorecard is an excel-sheet which helps you and your teams to:

  • Know how well you monetise services and data compared to other manufacturers.
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Enhance your strategy to monetise services and data.
  • Get on the same page with your key stakeholders.

Scorecard How to Monetise Services and Data


Monetise your services

Better navigate the pressure on your service revenue and drive growth.

Assess your ability to monetise services and drive growth in a disruptive world with our Monetisation Scorecard

Business leaders in manufacturing organisations are regularly experiencing pressure on growth, revenue and margins, with disruption from new technologies, innovative business models and commoditisation of many products and services. Competition from lower-cost alternatives are arising and value propositions are becoming more service-oriented. This presents many challenges for manufacturers, but also major opportunities for business transformation through the monetisation of services and data capabilities.

As a global leader within a large manufacturing organisation, you may recognise these trends and issues in your business, but do you know how well you are currently positioned with your monetisation strategy to drive change and accelerate growth in a disruptive world?

Download the Monetisation Scorecard to assess your current performance in Monetising Services and Data and identify your important areas for improvement. The Monetisation Scorecard benchmarks the momentum in your organisation to continuously change and adapt for sustainable success. Taking just a few minutes to complete, it will provide you with useful insights and gap analysis on your current capabilities for monetising services and data. We’ll help you understand your key challenges and take the first steps in addressing the 4 crucial steps for monetising services and data.

  1. Solve bigger customer problems
  2. Better articulate the value
  3. Remove obstacles for your clients to use the solutions you offer
  4. Build internal momentum to monetise
Scorecard How to Monetise Services and Data


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