Recording of the Executive Service Roundtable

Panel Discussion Series about Digital Services

Managing Complexity as a Service

How to help your clients reduce complexity and drive performance through data-driven services

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Time-line of the topics:

0:00 Introduction
1:40 How to create a model
1:56 Complex model or simple trends analysis
7:30 Defining the problem
13:40 Who models? Clients? 3rd part service providers?
18:55 Can AI help finding hidden clues?
22:07 What are the unique strengths of a OEM
26:25 Silo vs holistic optimisation
32:34 How long does it take to model?
34:27 Benefit of consistency
35:55 Invest in capabilities!
43:09 Need a complete data model, not only sensor data
47:00 Including the use of equipment
50:22 Bigger picture domain expertise
55:20 Tools are just tools
57:10 Capture experience from the field
1:00:58 AI for capturing unstructured data
1:03:20 How to sell data
1:20:44 The value of higher uptime
1:27:39 Customer's workflow and processes
1:37:30 Wrapping up - takeaways

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