Research Report - May 2020

Rapid Response to the COVID-19 Crisis


A practical guide based on emerging practices we have captured from your peers during the “emerging” best practices project of early 2020.

  • A slide deck of the summary of the guide
  • An Ultimate Guide to Phase 1 – Rapid Response to the COVID-19 Crisis



From our ongoing global research in the services community

Global Research

In March, April and May, we conducted the research to capture emerging best practices and strategies for “Phase 1- Rapid Respons”, about how to mitigate the immediate impact of Covid-19”.

This research consists of:

  • Conversations and desk research about crisis management.

  • Multiple panel discussions, interviews and webinars with service leaders across the world.


Typical challenges in Phase 1
Rapid Response:

  • Mitigate the direct impact immediately
  • Get on the fence to prepare for the “new normal” and thrive in the upcoming market disruption.
    We must not stay in a defensive fire-fighting mode to avoid being disrupted and becoming one of the losers.
  • Fast track the Redesign and Innovation of your business, with the right focus.

It is too complex to win this with a hack, a tactic or a silver bullet. We need a framework to succeed.