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Insights and articles related to your Service Transformation Journey


2 min read

It has never been a better time to be in Service

It was a pleasure to be at the Field Service Connectt 2022 in Albans (UK) and an honour to chair this event. Some key takeaways in short? Here you go.

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3 min read

Why push Product-as-a-Service models if customers do not see the value?

Why investing in Product-as-a-Service models when it seems hard to convince customers about the value and to pay for these services? There are more...

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4 min read

3 Steps to Overcome Common Obstacles for Successful Servitization

Servitization, outcome-based services and product-as-a-service are hot topics. However, we see little examples in the industrial sectors. Too often,...

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Masterclass Developing New Service Business Models - Joris van der Burg (Yokogawa) and Marco Vos (Marel)

4 min read

Take-aways from the Masterclass Developing New Service Business Models

A Masterclass "How to Develop new Service Business Models", by Jan van Veen (moreMomentum), Joris van den Burg (Yokogawa) and Marco Vos (Marel)...

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Get services on the strategic agenda

5 min read

How to Get Services on the Strategic Agenda of Manufacturers

Do you miss the necessary strategic support and funding to drive the (digital) service transformation? Do you see a risk of falling behind the...

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How to organise for servitization

8 min read

How to Organise for Servitization

Manufacturers are focusing more on “how" to servitize: How to accelerate servitization and stay ahead of the pack? How to escape from...

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