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It has never been a better time to be in Service

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It was a pleasure to be at the Field Service Connectt 2022 in Albans (UK) and an honour to chair this event.

Some key takeaways in short? Here you go.


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Hi there,

I just wanted to share some important takeaways from the Field Service Connect Event in the UK last week.

It was great to see a lot of people over there again.

And also it was an honour to chair the two days of the conference.

Now, we did speak about a lot during the conference.

There are a lot of things going on, which do require service to become more advanced and drive their productivity.

And that goes through advanced services and service models, like using remote diagnostics, or maybe even onboard diagnostics and remote services and what have you.

And they are quite important to kind of improve the performance in the coming years, but also to defend the licence to operate in the changing world.

Now, besides this, we also see that there's an increasing importance for sustainable service models in the circular economy, which is coming and we see that customer needs are changing significantly. And that all gives the unique opportunity for service companies to expand the value, to extend the value provide additional values, not just around uptime of the equipment or the condition of equipment, but also looking at the outcome of the operations of your customers. And that for sure, will drive growth, and is also an important factor to navigate the upcoming market disruption from from digital capabilities.

But that all does have some significant impact on your service organisation and your operating model. And these are all actually quite big changes,

which comes again, to the point that in services, it's not only an operational game and incremental improvements. It's also an innovation game.

It does matter to differentiate your different initiatives between one or the other, because they differ a lot when it comes to,

the drivers behind the chains and the potential for improvement from it.

What are the goals for your company?

What is the kind of vision and strategy related to either an operational game or an innovation game.

It also has a big impact in how decisions are being made when it comes to, for example, resource allocation, and the different priorities in your company.

It has this big difference in how you engage your senior stakeholders and get the active support from them. How you engage your teams within service, but also within other functions like marketing and sales and product development.

And very important as well. It has a big impact in what kind of information, data, knowledge and insights you need from from the outside.

Now this just tells us again that:

It has never been a better time to be in service.

And I also do believe that it will continue to become better in the next decade and beyond.
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It has never been a better time to be in Service

It was a pleasure to be at the Field Service Connectt 2022 in Albans (UK) and an honour to chair this event.Some key...

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