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Service Transformation Summit


Change Management

During Service Transformation

By IFS / The Future of Field Service


Embrace the transformative power of effective change management with our concise guide, "A Pocket-Size Guide to Change Management During Service Transformation," co-created by IFS and Future of Field Service. This invaluable resource is enriched by the insights and best practices from industry leaders at Konica Minolta, Schneider Electric, Tetra Pak, and McKinstry Co., including contributions from experts like Tim Baines and Adam Gloss.

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Discover why change management is more than just a buzzword and how it's essential for the strategic integration of service transformations into your business model. Uncover the common pitfalls that lead to the failure of change initiatives and learn from the experiences of those who have successfully navigated the complex journey of service transformation.

This guide not only highlights the importance of a proactive approach to change but also provides a roadmap for preparing your organization for the inevitable shifts that come with service transformation. It emphasizes the need for a clear vision, a people-centric approach, and the strategic use of change energy to avoid fatigue and resistance.


In this guide, you'll uncover:

  • Practical Insights from Industry Leaders: Learn firsthand from the shared experiences and best practices of seasoned experts at leading companies, providing you with a wealth of knowledge to navigate your service transformation journey successfully.
  • Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice: Gain clarity on the essential role of change management beyond theoretical discussions, emphasizing its strategic importance in your ongoing business operations and transformation efforts.
  • Customized Change Management Roadmap: Equip yourself with the tools to design a change management journey tailored to your organization's unique needs, helping you make informed decisions that align with your strategic goals.
  • Overcoming Common Pitfalls: Avoid the typical traps that lead to the failure of change initiatives by understanding the common challenges and applying the strategies that have led others to success.

By leveraging the collective wisdom of our contributors and the practical steps outlined, you'll gain the tools to make informed decisions that align with your organizational goals and drive successful outcomes. Whether you're looking to refine your approach or starting from scratch, this guide offers a wealth of knowledge to guide your path forward.

Download our guide today and take the first step towards mastering change management in your service transformation journey. Let the expertise of our contributors and the actionable insights within this guide be your compass to a future where change is not just managed but harnessed for growth and innovation.