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Panel Discussion - Innovate your way out of the Covid-Crisis

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During the Field Service Asia Virtual Event of WBR, we discussed the findings of our research Innovate your way out of the Covid-Crisis.

Which is all about accelerating digital service innovation?

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After gathering and analysing all the data, performing interviews, peer-discussions and other conversations with service leaders and innovators across the world, we would summarise the take-aways and recommendations of this research to the following 4 points:

  • Maintain momentum for innovating your business model and service models. This is the way to survive the crisis and thrive.
  • Expand the scope of service innovation beyond business-as-usual. The big opportunity is not with your products, equipment and smart maintenance services, but with fully integrated and connected solutions consisting of hardware, software, data, algorithms and services.
  • The success is in the execution. It is important to focus on how to close the “knowing-doing-gap”.
    Habits and practices regarding services, digital technology and innovation make the difference.
  • Enrich your innovation initiatives. Do not forget the:
    • Compelling value propositions.
    • Sales model.
    • Earnings model.
    • Links or connections with other (partial) solutions for your clients from other players in the industry.


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About Mark and Moba

Mark van der Wolf is responsible for the service after sales and projects in Moba Group.

Moba is a supplier of egg-grading, egg-packing and egg processing machinery and solutions worldwide. And we supply to customers which are either the egg producers or the egg-traders, which supply to the to the market. So where we all consume the eggs.

About Jason and 3D Systems

Jason Smith heads the Field Service of 3D Systems in EMEA&I

3D Systems engineers, manufactures and sells 3D printers, 3D printing materials, 3D scanners, and offers a 3D printing service.

About Field Service Asia

More about the Virtual Summit For Leaders in Customer Success, Service, & Support.

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