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Panel Discussion - Advance Your Digital Services

Panel Discussion - Advance Your Digital Services

During the Field Service Europe Virtual Event of WBR, we had a Fireside Chat about How to advance digital services to thrive in disruptive times. Which is all about adding new value to your clients for growth. How can you generate new customer value with digital services and solutions?

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For most industries this goes beyond smart maintenance, predictive maintenance or remote services, which are the sustaining innovations to protect the existing business.

This matters, because manufacturers which do not grow their digital services, will miss the opportunities of new digital technologies and lose from their competitors and the digital-savvy entrants in their industry.

Some of the takeaways from our discussion:

  • Customer needs are changing and are looking also for solutions beyond product availability, product condition or product performance.
  • One size doesn’t fit all, we need to segment clients based on business challenges and needs.
  • Both you as a manufacturer and your clients are on a journey of developing the business and operations.

Hence, you both are on a journey of discovering new opportunities and needs.

  • Clients want a full, complete solution to a problem. This requires expansion of the scope of your solutions, integration and interfacing to other aspects of your client’s business or solution.
  • One of the main challenges is becoming more open:
    • Discover other needs than product needs only.
    • Pursue new opportunities, also when this affects your value proposition and business model o Avoid merely pursing sustaining innovations, which will not bring new growth and success for the future.


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About Mark and Moba

Mark van der Wolf is responsible for the service after sales and projects in Moba Group.

Moba is a supplier of egg-grading, egg-packing and egg processing machinery and solutions worldwide. And we supply to customers which are either the egg producers or the egg-traders, which supply to the to the market. So where we all consume the eggs.

About Jan and Agfa

Agfa is a company that has solutions in the healthcare industry in the graphics printing industry for both offset and inkjet solutions. And also, for specialty products, industries.

Jan works for the Graphics part of Agfa.

Jan's department takes care of

  • The verification and validation process when new software products are being  released. This involves the entire software testing.
  • The documentation of the products, to the service technicians, making sure that everybody gets lined up for both the first line, the second line, third line support.
  • Development and decoding of software including digital solutions for clients.

About Field Service Europe

More about the Virtual Conference for European Field Service and Customer Support Leaders.

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