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Trends in Service Transformation: Your Agenda for Innovation and Strategy


Your essential guide for the latest in service transformation and innovation. Explore the topics we are currently covering.



Service (Transformation) Strategy

As services in manufacturing transition from being solely operational aftermarket functions to becoming strategic business lines, the development of mature strategy management capabilities becomes crucial for service leadership and innovation teams.



Data-Driven Services

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, developing winning strategies for data-driven and digital services has become paramount for companies seeking sustained success. 



Services Innovation

Expanding and evolving services goes beyond mere operational enhancements. It is a transformative journey of business model innovation. For service leadership and innovation teams, it is crucial to enhance their capabilities and capacity for service innovation. 



Service Transformation Framework

Service transformation is a complex journey that reshapes how organizations deliver value to their customers in today's dynamic business environment. The Service Transformation Framework provides businesses with actionable insights and tools to accelerate their transformation efforts, ensuring sustained success in an ever-changing market.

Your Ultimate Guide to Your Service Transformation