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Reflect on Ethics during Covid-19

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Also in difficult times, we want to do the right things right, because;
  • It is the right thing, obviously
  • We need to maintain the integrity of our brand.


To mitigate the immediate impact of a crisis like Covid-19, one of the major objectives and challenges is to keep people safe. 

This is one of the 3 main sections from the "Ultimate Guide for Phase 1 - Rapid Response to Mitigate the Immediate Impact of Covid"




Regarding Reflect on Ethics:

Risks to address

In difficult times with a lot of pressure and risks, we run the risk of being too focussed on single short-term interests of ourselves. We risk:

  • Sacrificing the interests of employees over business interests
  • Sacrificing the continuity of the industry over beating competitors
  • Ignoring the public and social interests
  • Shifting our norms and values, maybe even without noticing


  • Maintaining ethical standards
  • Maintaining (or even strengthening) our brand and image

Main aspects

The main point of this chapter is to make sure we have enough and explicit attention for the ethical aspects of our decisions and actions. We need to consider principal values as well as the consequences of our actions and decisions. It is important to formulate the values you want to adhere to explicitly.

Aspects to consider:

  • Employees
  • Clients
  • International society
  • Competition
  • Partners and suppliers
  • Social and ethical norms


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