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Craft a Mission and Vision that speeds up your service transformation

Craft a Mission and Vision that speeds up your service transformation

In today's complex landscape, the pace of service transformation is crucial, especially for product-centric manufacturing companies. Crafting a strong mission and vision not only navigates this complexity but also acts as a catalyst for strategic alignment, team rallying, and setting a winning pace in your transformation journey.



Navigating the complex landscape of service transformation is no walk in the park, especially in traditionally product-centric manufacturing companies. The stakes are high, and the challenges are many. 

Lack of focus can easily derail your journey. A well-crafted mission and vision can be your North Star, guiding you toward a winning pace in your service transformation effort.


What Makes an Effective Mission and Vision?

Winning Aspiration

The cornerstone of any effective mission and vision is a "winning aspiration." This isn't just corporate jargon; it's your rallying cry. A winning aspiration is your commitment to excel in areas that matter the most to your customers and stakeholders.

Compelling Direction

A mission and vision should be more than a statement on paper; they should set a compelling and exciting direction that engages your team and stakeholders. It's about painting a vivid picture of what 'great' looks like in the context of your service offerings. 

Measurable Progress

A goal without a metric is just a wish. Your mission and vision should set clear, measurable targets to gauge your progress. Are you hitting your KPIs? Are your customers satisfied? Keep your finger on the pulse to stay the course.


Why Mission and Vision are Crucial

Guiding Decisions

In the shifting sands of complex environments, a robust mission and vision offer a stable foundation for strategic decisions. They keep you from getting lost in the myriad of choices and possibilities, keeping your eyes firmly on the prize.

Creating Alignment

Your mission and vision don't just align with your internal teams; they create a resonance that reaches your stakeholders and even your customers. When everyone is on the same page, you move faster and more efficiently, without the friction of misaligned objectives.

Driving Pace

A strong mission and vision serve as the engine of your service transformation, setting a winning pace. They not only signal where you're going but also establish the tempo and urgency required to get there.


Crafting Your Mission and Vision

Start with Customers

Begin by identifying what your customers really need. This ensures your focus remains customer-centric, going beyond mere product thinking to encompass comprehensive service solutions. 

Articulate 'Winning'

What does winning look like for your customers? Define it. Make it clear and make it inspiring. This is your endgame and everything should be geared towards it.

Collaborative Definition

Don't craft this vital roadmap in a silo. Involve teams, stakeholders, and even customers. Take a holistic approach—bottom-up, top-down, and everything in between—for a mission and vision that truly resonates.



Crafting a mission and vision isn't just a "nice-to-have"; it's a must-have for any service transformation journey. Join us at the Executive Service Roundtable in December 2023 to dive deeper into these critical questions and accelerate your transformation journey.


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