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Recording & Slides from Executive Service Roundtable

Digital Market Disruption in Service

How to anticipate and navigate digital market disruption and thrive?


With Jan van Veen,
Founder & Managing Director of moreMomentum

date-icon-50x50  May 19, 2022
date-icon-50x50  May 24, 2022


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The accelerating adoption of advanced digital and data technologies can enable a digital market disruption of (field)service too


How can an industry be disrupted? Why is it hard for incumbents to defend themselves?


Every now and then, we see new technologies enabling a few players in an industry to take over the dominant position.

We all know the anecdotical examples of Nokia, Kodak, Netflix and Uber. 

Less known is how hydraulics disrupted the manufacturers of excavators early 20th century.


We  will discuss key patterns we need that will help recognise disruption and be best positioned to reap the benefits:

6 digital disruption mechanisms

A typical journey of digital disruption involves digitisation, deception, disruption, demonetisation, dematerialisation, and democratisation.

Hence, there are winners and losers in an industry that is being disrupted.

3 disruption patterns

Most market disruptions come from new solutions that enable customers to:

  • Have better access to the solutions.
  • Get it at a lower price.
  • Benefit from these solutions with fewer obstacles, like required skills.

Digital technologies facilitate such solutions. 

Scenarios for (field)service

Translating these insights into realistic scenarios for (field) service is easier said than done.

After all, as a manufacturer, you have a captive market, an active installed base, and the required technical expertise about your products or technology.

Is this a sustainable competitive advantage - or not really?

Where are the threats and growth opportunities?

Sharing relevant insights from the Service Transformation Benchmark

In our introductory presentation, we will also share relevant insights coming from the Service Transformation Benchmark. 

Benchmark Report Mockup 300x700

Who is joining the Executive Service Roundtables, and why?

The monthly Executive Service Roundtable sessions are ideal for:

  • Global service leaders
  • Regional service leaders
  • Service development leaders
  • Service marketing and sales leaders

who want to

Leverage collective knowledge and experience 


Exchange experience and knowledge with your peers acrosss industries.

moreMomentum experts will share their knowledge from research and their large network in service industries.

Learn from the Service Transformation Benchmark


We will share relevant insights from the ongoing Service Transformation Benchmark to provide data and evidence to back up the experiences that are being shared.

Expand their network of like-minded peers


During these monthly Executive Service Roundtable sessions, you will meet many like-minded service executives for further 1-1 exchange.

Being well connected is critical for successful service leaders in a volatile environment like services.

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You are in good company with service leaders from companies like


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Agenda of Each Roundtable

10:00 / 16:00
by Jan van Veen
Presentation of challenges and strategies revealed by the moreMomentum Service Community and the Service Transformation Benchmark to kick of the discussion.
10:20 / 16:20
all participants
Discuss any questions you have based on the presentation.
10:40 / 16:40
Peer discussions
smaller groups
In smaller groups, we will have a lively discussion on key challenges as well as strategies and best practices (that work and do not work considering different market dynamics).
11:20 / 17:20
Wrap up
by Jan van Veen
We will wrap up the meeting with some key take-aways and questions to further elaborate on during next Executive Service Roundtable sessions.
11:30 / 17:30